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8 November, 2015

Blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake
Posted in : Desserts on by : voddy
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I enjoy making deserts more than actually eating them. Preparing ingredients, following steps carefully and decorating with attention to detail are all part of a wonderful process which produce a satisfying product in the end. It is almost like meditation. If there is anything that I enjoy eating as much as I enjoy making it,
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31 October, 2015

Mini blueberry tartlets

Mini blueberry tartlets
Posted in : Pastry on by : voddy
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Mini tart shells can be made ahead and frozen. So you can bake them whenever you feel like it. But they are better when made fresh. I love making shortcrust pastry and try different variations every time. But the basic sweet shortcrust is always the best when you want to try different fillings and toppings.

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