Pure passion got me started

I was interested in flavour combinations and cooking styles since I was a kid. I remember volunteering to cook family meals or desserts whenever time permitted. My food always had a twist in it. Either I incorporated wired ingredients or plated differently. I loved to make cooking interesting by thinking out of the box. However I ended up becoming a software engineer on the contrary, as a result of me falling for programming, which at the time, I was passionate about. But I never stopped my food experiments on weekends and sometimes week nights. I managed to make and sell cupcakes and cookies as a hobby. Migrating to Australia opened doors to a whole new world of opportunities. The availability of fruits, berries, nuts and other beautiful ingredients got me exited, that I couldn’t stop trying new recipes once every few days. It was difficult with a full time job and at times I felt like I’m being torn between two worlds. So I decided to quite my day job and give my baking passion a fair go and see if I can make a living out of what I am truly passionate about. I can say, now I am finally at peace, baking, learning, experimenting, practising and polishing my skills. I record my work on this blog and hope someone will find it helpful in some way.

Contact me: voddyskitchen@gmail.com

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